Don't let lock down get you down!
Get down with us ONLINE!

Get FIT to the core!

Strengthen your body from the inside out!


Maximises Calorie Burn

Improves Core Strength

Develops Co ordination

Plus... we have a laugh!

From the Moulin Rouge Paris, join us for fun and invigorating ways to workout. Our Classes are for EVERYONE!!



Our aim at simsfitness9 is to deliver a variety of  great classes, giving you the best 'all over' workouts!!

Whether you join our online or physical classes,

you are sure to leave feeling uplifted and energised.

With our wealth of experience in dance, keeping ourselves fit and healthy, and understanding the challenges of parenthood, be it Cardio, Fat burning, strength, posture, coordination, flexibility that you want to improve, we cover it all!! we really focus on the enjoyment of getting the body we want!


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