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Exclusive Dance Body Training 


Natalie and Gaynor Sims

Maximises Calorie Burn

Improves Core Strength

Develops Co ordination

Plus......….. It's loads of fun!

From the Moulin Rouge Paris, join us for invigorating ways to workout.


SHOWFIT is our signature show class! Don't be fooled, you will be sweating by the end.

A high energy dance class, combining fitness with elements of Showgirl techniques and modern/jazz.


BARREFIT is an intense ballet orientated strength class, combining basic classical moves and core conditioning.

BOTTOMS UP Our brand new 'just as it says in the title' Using your own body weight to strengthen legs, tone and lift, creating wonderfully beautiful Bottoms!

BAGBLAST Introducing our Intense Interval Training session with a difference... find your weights from within your home, pop them in your shopping bag and away we go! A great all over body burn!

With our wealth of experience in keeping ourselves fit and healthy and understanding the challenges of parenthood. Our aim is to continue to make people smile while Exercising by sharing our knowledge and experience in our Brand New Classes, focusing on health, fitness and fun!

'Exercise in Disguise'


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